Facetté The Hair Experience is a leading hair extension salon in Fort Collins, Colorado. Whether you’re looking for longer, thicker hair, struggling with damaged or thinning hair, or simply want to change up your style, hair extensions can be the perfect solution. Our stylists receive continuous education and training in the latest hair extension trends, types, and styles so you can ensure you’re receiving the best service and experience available.

Interested in learning more about hair extensions? The first step is to schedule a complimentary consultation. Consultations are required but take less than 30 minutes and help our stylists understand if hair extensions are a good option for you. We will discuss the process, maintenance, your hair history, and answer any questions you may have about hair extensions.

We’ll work closely with you to determine which type of hair extensions will help you achieve your desired look and will blend well with your natural hair color and texture. This will ensure we make the perfect recommendation to match your natural color and texture, making them easier to maintain and virtually undetectable! Our Fort Collins hair extension salon currently offers 3 different methods of human hair extension application.


At Facette The Hair Experience, we carry the Coco Marie brand of luxury hand tied hair extensions. This hair is the sew in method of these hand tied weft extensions. They are silicone free, double drawn, cuticle aligned and intact and the hair will never tangle! These hand tied extensions are seamless and available in many lengths and options for fullness and volume.

Whether you’re pulling your hair up in a ponytail, wearing it in braids, or even as a top knot, no one will be able to see that you have extensions in your hair as they are practically invisible.


The second type of hair extensions we install are the Bello Haven I-Tip hair extensions. Our stylists have years of experience working with extensions to give you that flawless and natural look every time. These are 100% luxury Remy human hair extensions that create volume and length, all while eliminating the use of heat chemicals and glue. The I-Tips come in various lengths and micro beads to match your hair color making them virtually undetectable.


This method of hair extensions combines hand tied wefts and I-Tip extensions. Chat with one of our experienced extension stylists to see which option is right for you.


– Protect your extensions by using suggested professional hair products and tools
– Brush and wear loose braids for bed
– Shampoo and condition every ~3 days
– Blow dry bonds, brush and apply serum 3 times a day
– Silk pillowcases will help ensure your hair remains tangle free
– Avoid leaving hair loose in the wind (car/boat)
– Avoid getting sunscreen in your hair
– Never go to bed with wet hair


– You will need to come in every 6-8 weeks for a move-up
– Suggested mini move up at 3 weeks (hand-tied)
– I-Tip bead replacement: once every 3rd – 4th move-up

*With proper maintenance and care you can use the hair for up to a year!



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